What is our yearly energy consumption? What are the appliances that have the greatest impact on our bills? The answer may not be so obvious.

There might be a huge difference  in the electricity expences paid by different families,  and identifying the cause of excessively high consumption is not always so easy. Even a slight cutting down of the costs of the monthly bill can result into significant savings at the end of the year. Since the cost of electricity is a constant in our lives, it is good to think about it and try not to waste it.

Quanta energia elettrica consumo in un anno?

To identify which appliance can be the cause of high bills, it is first necessary to consider the consumption of each of them.

The first feature to be taken into consideration is  how much power is required for an appliance to work during the day. The price of the bills, in fact, depends on how much energy we use, which is to say, it depends on the power used for a certain period of time.

Ottimizza i tuoi consumi con elettrodomestici in classe energetica alta

Let's consider, for example, two appliances we all have in our houses: the fridge and the washing machine.

Like almost all household appliances, their energy consumption is not constant over time.

In the case of the refrigerator, there may be almost no electricity consumption when it is closed and at the right temperature, while it increases when the compressor starts cooling the inside of the refrigerator. It is therefore necessary to consider a daily average calculated between the period when the compressor remains stationary and that time when it 

 is running.

Taking as a reference the consumption of a class A ++ refrigerator of 257 kW / h per year, we find that the daily consumption is 704 W / h (about 30W / h).

The washing machine, always taking a model with high energy efficiency (A +++) as a reference, consumes about 930W / h for each cycle.

This value must be multiplied by the number of washing cycles we perform each week. For example, doing two cycles per week (106 cycles a year) we calculate that we consume 930 W / h * 106 = 98.5 kW / h annualy.

In conclusion the refrigerator, which in commonly considered a low-energy household appliance, consumes way more than twice as much as a washing machine every year. It really makes sense, therefore, to invest in a refrigerator with excellent energy efficiency.

Below is an illustrative table showing the annual consumption of some household appliances:

ApplianceAnnual consumption kWh/year
Refrigerator / Freezer 300
Air conditioner 120
Washing machine 130
Electric oven 60
Iron 80


Let's not forget that, a part from the household appliances, there are other electric devices. Good consumption habits are the main factor that allows us to save a lot of money. To reduce consumption and save on the electricity bills, there are many smart tricks. For example, you can: turn off the lights; fully load dishwasher and washing machine and reduce the 

 temperature; use the dehumidification mode of the air conditioner; adjust the temperature of the water heater.

Replacing home bulbs with more efficient models could also result in significant savings. In the image below we see that incandescent or fluorescent bulbs consume much more electricity than a LED one.

There are also SMART solutions, which allow you to significantly reduce and check consumption.

Being aware of when and how we use electricity is the first step in lightening the bill.

Our D · ENERGY is certainly a useful tool for this purpose. In fact, it allows you to view a graph of consumption in real time, analyze monthly and annual data, to be aware and to get used not to waste electricity.

Combined with DiCE SMART, it also allows you to view the energy consumption thanks to a color scale.

Energy is invisible, but with DiCE SMART, on the other hand, we can see it at any time. The red color will indicate excessive consumption and, consequently, we will try to reduce consumption. The wallet will thank you (and the environment too).

d energy di diceworld aiuta a risparmiare sulla bolletta elettricaDice Smart by diceworld monitora i consumi elettrici

An experiment was carried out and it turned out that people who can "VISUALIZE" their consumption, were able to reduce it by up to 40%.