More and more often we hear about Iot Home Design, Smart Home or IoT (Internet of Things or "internet of things"). But do we really know what they are?

The term Smart Home refers to the ability to automatically or remotely manage systems and devices within of a home, in order to save energy, simplify home life and / or ensure the safety of the people who live there.

The concept of Smart Home is in turn contained in the wider world of the Internet of Things (IoT - Internet of Things).

When we talk about IoT Home Design, we refer to a house where design and technology are combined to creat a beautiful and functional environment.

In recent years, IoT technologies have multiplied and developed, and the numerous application areas have profoundly evolved: smart home, smart building, smart metering, smart factory, smart cars, smart cities, and so on in numerous other aspects of everyday life. All this is possible thanks to the interconnection of smart products.

The Internet of Things was born right here: from the idea of taking what we use in  our everyday life into the digital world.


So back to the Smart Home, let's do some practical examples of possible applications. Many manufacturers of consumer electronics and system installers have products and technologies available in their catalogs that allow us (even without the aid of technicians) to turn our home into a smart one.

  • Management of air conditioning and home temperature thanks to the remote control made possible by the wifi thermostat or by the inverter air conditioners with integrated wifi.
  • Management of appliances, such as washing machines managed through the smartphone, or smart refrigerators that allow us to compile the shopping list remotely.
  • Management of shutters or curtains.
  • Lighting management with motion sensors or twilight sensors.
  • Constant monitoring of energy consumption with smart appliances that come into operation when the electricity rates are more convenient.
  • Signaling of the presence of smoke, flooding, fires, short circuits, electrical dispersions, etc.
  • Signaling of air quality and activation of filters for forced ventilation.
  • Intrusion detection with surveillance systems manageable by smartphone.
  • Remote access to the perimeter cameras of the house, with the possibility of receiving the video recording of the event that triggered an alarm.
  • Connected video door intercom, which also allows to see who is outside the door, even from the other side of the world

The smart products of a Smart home allow you to always have everything under control, giving you the possibility to monitor consumption, save energy and much more.

How can we combine these technologies with Iot Home Design?

Everything is made possible by DiCE SMART which, together with D ENERGY, Smart Plugs and Smart Bulbs, allows you to transform your home into a Smart Home. Lighting control, energy monitoring and remote start-up of household appliances are just an example of what you will be able to do.


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