Once the DiCE SMART is connected to an electrical outlet using the power supply and USB cable included in the package, it is necessary to "activate" the device via the DiCEhome app.

Create your account and then activate DiCE SMART as shown below:

0:11 create your home and choose a name

0:18 click on "save"

0:21 turn on notifications

0:22 press on proceed

0:25 start the procedure to add a DiCE SMART

0:34 create a room for DiCE SMART

0:36 add name and save

0:47 press on continue

0:53 follow the instructions

1:03 check the status: DiCE should produce a pink light trail

1:12 scan the QRcode.

1:13 allow DiCEhome to access the DiCEwifi network

1:25 connect to your home WiFi network and enter the password

1:40 wait to be connected to the network and add DiCE SMART

2:08 DiCE SMART will go into "Aurora Boreale" mode

In case of problems, or to check the step by step guide, follow this link.