The electricity meters are always equipped with two red LEDs that flash with a certain frequency. Here is an extract from the manual of the new "open meter" E-distribution meters:

Consumption indicators (2)
They are the two small LED lights located on the left next to the display (1).
When they flash, there is electricity consumption.
If consumption increases, the flashing frequency is higher.

To read the consumption, D·ENERGY will use the upper LED (marked with the letters "RA", which indicates the active energy consumed by the connected user).

  • In order to facilitate installation or subsequent checks on D·ENERGY, it is useful for the LED to flash at least once per second. If the frequency of the flashes is lower, it is necessary to increase consumption by turning on, for example, an oven or an electric stove.
  • The LED might be steady. This indicates that there has been no consumption for more than 20 minutes (this happens for example when the electricity supplier is disconnected).
  • If, on the other hand, the LED is always off even after increasing the consumption, meter itself might not be working properly. It is therefore necessary to contact the distributor.

It is always possible to check the consumed energy instantly by pressing the key located on the side of the meter display until you see "Power Inst." Why installing D·ENERGY, we recommend keeping this value at least 1,000 KWh.